As the holiday season approaches, envision the warmth and splendor of Christmas at Parnham—the crackling fireplace, laughter echoing through elegantly adorned rooms, and the joyous clinking of glasses. At A Modern Grand Tour, we invite you to bring this enchanting atmosphere into your own home. Our collection is not just about furniture; it's about creating spaces that radiate charm and offer the perfect backdrop for hosting memorable celebrations.

Festive Gatherings with Enduring Style

The heart of Christmas lies in gatherings with loved ones, and our furniture is designed to elevate those moments. A lavish dining experience around our grand tables, adorned with festive center pieces and surrounded by plush, comfortable chairs. Each piece, from opulent sideboards to intricately crafted consoles, becomes a stage for your holiday celebrations, offering both style and functionality.

Cozy Corners for Intimate Conversations

Create intimate corners for heartfelt conversations and festive cheer. Our luxurious sofas and armchairs provide not just seating but a haven of comfort, inviting guests to relax and share the joy of the season. Consider our iconic feather lamp to cast a warm, inviting glow, turning every corner into a cozy retreat for laughter and merriment. With a selection of 18 hand-dyed ostrich feather plumes, there's a feather to complement every palette. 

Entertain with Elegance

Host with confidence and flair with our collection of glassware, Aynhoe Park Chase Vodka and eclectic selection of drink coolers. Whether you're pouring festive cocktails or presenting delectable holiday treats, our homeware adds a touch of sophistication to your hosting endeavors. Our pieces ensure that both the libations and the ambiance are nothing short of extraordinary.

Unwrap the Magic 

This Christmas, let A Modern Grand Tour be your partner in creating magical moments. Explore our collection, and unwrap the magic of Christmas at Parnham in every corner of your abode. From luxury leather & suede weekend bags to a celestial brass globe, each piece complements the grandeur of the season. Our homeware serves as the perfect gift for all. Be the thoughtful gift giver and relieve stress with a large amethyst crystal or A Modern Grand Tour gift card where they can choose their own perfect gift!

As we usher in the holiday season, let your home be a reflection of the joy and beauty that defines Christmas at Parnham.



Expecting more guests or seeking additional decor for your home during the festive season, reach out to our team to explore options for renting items to enhance your holiday experience

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