Crystal Inspired Lounge Chair by Ian Douglas Jones

Ian Douglas Jones £12,000.00
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Inspired by the facets of a crystal, This lounge chairs aesthetic is also borne out of process - creating a 3 dimensional object from flat yet folded 2D material.

The lounge chair was fabricated from Laser cut from a flat sheet of Stainless steel, the triangulated facets were folded and then welded - the language in part a by-product of process - the facets are tessellated and elements removed (to reduce weight) whilst lugs that connect facet to facet add to the complex geometry. A secondary layer provides the seating support, 3mm thick stainless steel gives under weight to provide material suppleness whilst 10mm rubber bungs sandwiched between the structural layer and support layer provide additional layer of damping.

The upper most layer is crafted from padded Black Calf leather with an oversize stitching detail, whilst the pads themselves are fixed in place with oversize brass bolts adding to the notion of the over-designed opulent object.

Triangulated legs stab the ground fixing the lounger in an energetic stance.


Excellent condition. 


H 122 x L 90 x D 59 cm