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Celestial Globes


Explore A Modern Grand Tour’s exclusive collection of terrestrial globes from around the world. A staple in our luxury homeware variety,  this antique globes range is entirely unique, with each piece sourced or manufactured in single or limited numbers. 


Vintage world globes are symbols of cultural diversity, history and intellectuality. The AMGT selection features distinctive decorative globes, which exude sophistication in any living room or salon. Ideally suited to art deco interiors, our mid century modern edition equally compliments contemporary designs. View the mysterious large black celestial globe with an ebonised wood base and brass meridian. This piece is inspired by giving a blank canvas to travel and imagination.  


Adorn your luxury barware and glassware station with an industrial vintage celestial globe crafted from 18th century plaster and carton papier, or shop a modern 3D desk globe for your working space and showcase your cultural side.  

The choice is yours.


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