'Dead Nature 19' by Bouke De Vries 2009


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'Dead Nature 19', 2009, 18th-century porcelain basket and mixed media piece by the renowned Artist Bouke De Vries. His new series of ‘exploded’ artworks de Vries is reclaiming broken ceramic pieces after their accidental trauma. Instead of reconstructing them, he is de-constructing them. Instead of hiding it, he emphasises their new status, using his honed conservator’s skills (compare Ron Mueck applying his skills learnt as a model maker) to instil new virtues, new values, and to move their stories forward.

The spaces in between the fragments become an essential part of the structures and the objects sometimes take on a cubist quality. With some works the viewer may be confused as to where the original makers of the piece stop and where the artist begins, making the work biographical and giving it new currency.


34.5 x 30 x 18.5 cm

'Dead Nature 19' by Bouke De Vries 2009 - A Modern Grand Tour
'Dead Nature 19' by Bouke De Vries 2009 - A Modern Grand Tour