Large Rose Selenite


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The Desert Rose is sometimes called the Sand Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose or gypsum rosettes. It is a form of gypsum that, when sand particles become embedded in it, forms rosette-like concretions. They are found in arid, desert regions from the Chihuaha region of Mexico, closer to home it is found in Morocco and around the shores of the Mediterranean, again having formed from the evaporation of prehistoric seas in both regions. Desert Rose Selenite is a unique, natural crystal formation that is formed from the combination of water, wind and sand. It carries the energies of clarity, prosperity and purification. Desert Rose helps to rid the mind of old thought-processes, opening up the flow of guidance from your intuition.


Excellent condition 


W 30 X H 37 X L 38 cm



Large Rose Selenite - A Modern Grand Tour
Large Rose Selenite - A Modern Grand Tour