Ondine Platine 7 Piece Set


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Own the entire 7-piece Ondine Platine Collection. Keep it for yourself to pass on to your heirs or give it as the ultimate wedding gift—a symbol of a joined union that will start their own traditions. No matter who the lucky recipient of such an exquisite collection is, this will be the last cookware you ever buy.

The collection includes the Small Saucepan 14cm (1,4 litres), Medium Saucepan 18cm (3 litres), Skillet 24cm (2,7 litres), Casserole Pan 28cm (4 litres), Sauté Pan 24cm (4 litres), the Oval Roasting Pan 34cm (3,5 litres) and the Stock Pot 22cm (7,6 litres). All comes with lid, except for the Skillet.


Weight: 20.0 kg